Welcome to a sampling of my photos!

*Please note: If you are looking for my images of Alaskan Brown Bears, please contact me, as they have been reserved for my private photo collection.

The photographs featured below are available through iStockphoto and Getty Images. Below, you will find some of my top sellers. Browse through my pages which are organized by topic. Over 6000 of my photos are available for purchase through iStockphoto and Getty Images, under the name "SondraP".

Pale Peony

Stock photo ID:182806794

Stunning Iris

Stock photo ID:536767054

Sour Candy

Stock photo ID:183868127

Tabby Portrait

Stock photo ID:172760863

Gold Firework

Stock photo ID:174691065

Amazing Grace

Stock photo ID:176010982


Stock photo ID:184358096

Chelsea Piers

Stock photo ID:576554726